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Odessa apartments for rent. Rent apartments in Odessa Ukraine
Odessa apartments for rent. Rent apartments in Odessa Ukraine
Odessa apartments for rent. Rent apartments in Odessa Ukraine

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Restaurants in Odessa, Ukraine

Ukraine's restaurants peculiarities.

There are restaurants and cafes featuring a wide variety of cuisines from around the world. Good and even average quality food can be expensive here, especially where ingredients are imported, but with new eating places regularly opening, at least there is more choice for the consumer.

There are several curious aspects to a typical bill in Ukraine restaurants.

The first is that bread, fruit baskets, and even butter or cream which in other places might be complimentary can appear on the bill with inflated prices attached: to avoid this unpleasant surprise, inquire before consuming such 'gifts'.

The second is a 5-10% charge at the end. Be assured: this is not a tax. This is the service charge, and you can freely tip in addition - or not -depending on how happy you are with the services provided.

Remember all restaurants, cafes, pubs etc. in Ukraine take payment in Hryvnas only, many restaurants accept Credit Cards.

Cuisines in Odessa, Ukraine.

Odessa in Ukraine has been always proud of its cuisine which is multinational as well as Odessa population. Food in Odessa, Ukraine is great because of numerous word cuisines influence. There are high qualified chefs working for Ukrainian, Russian, Greek, Jews, Moldavian, Bulgarian as well as Europeans restaurants in Odessa.

List of Odessa, Ukraine best restaurants


Restaurant - Bar "Panorama" (Hotel "Odessa")  

Located on 19-th floor, specializing on dishes from seafood, including delicacies kinds. A wide choice of drinks and desserts. On Fridays and Saturdays you can take pleasure in game of musicians and the magnificent kind opening from windows.

6 Primorskaya Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel.: (8-048) 729 - 4808 
hours: 12.00 till last client

"Le Duc" (Hotel "Arcadia Plaza")  

Located within the elite "Arcadia Plaza" hotel complex, this fine dining venue offers a large VIP hall seating one hundred guests and a smaller, luxury hall which is ideal for more intimate and family gathering.Invites its quests to enjoy delicious French cuisine and traditional European cuisine accompanied by an extensive wine in restaurant "Le Duc".

1 Posmitnogo Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel.: (8-0482) 341 - 800, 307 - 100, 307 - 117
hours: 7.00 till last client

"Deja Vu La Mer"  

Come and visit this restaurant and you will understand that positive reputation of Odessa cuisine lives on today. The menu is regularly updated, while the interior is fully air conditioned. As well as fantastic dining, guests of the restaurant can enjoy great views of hte action throughout summer in the city through the venue's glass walls. Great fun just 4 streets from Deribasovskaya Street. International recording stars make surprise perfomances from time to time so make it there morning, afternoon or evening to enjoy!!!

50 Troitskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel.: (8-0482) 377 - 574
e - mail:  
hours: 11.00 - 01.00


This seaside restaurant is a real oasis of healthy food and spectacular natural surroundings and offers an unforgettable experience. Dine here on the summer terrace overlooking The Black Sea or near a cosy fireplace in the main hall, which is decorated in typical Ukraine style. There are also provate rooms with special themes and motif for larger groups as the Hunter's Room, The Forge, or The Bourgeoisie Room to experience what the good life was like in Ukraine at the turn of the century. Seating is also offered in the outside courtyard with a variety of live music nightly featuring professional jazz, folk & pop artists.

Shevchenko Park, Lazheron Beach.
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel.: (8-048) 735 - 3873, 735 - 4328
hours: 12.00 - 24.00

Restaurant - Bar "Gallery"  

Gallery is the greenest of Odessa's many restaurants. A new menu offering the very best in European and Ukrainian cuisines and some exotic dishes from the East awaits you while the wine and cocktails lists will satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs. Live music is performed every night and the show programs never fail to create a marvelous vibe. Could it be so that this romantic moment is the most important in your life? You WOULD be surprised. This is The Gallery.

25 Preobragenskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel.: (8-048) 729 - 4858, 729 - 4859
hours: 9.00 till last client


In the very heart of Odessa next to The Opera House is the comfortable four star hotel "Mozart" which features a bar, an elegant restaurant and a conference hall. The menu offered in the restaurant consists of traditional dishes and European cuisine, various deserts and wines from ancient cellars.

13 Lanzheronovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 376 - 900, 378 - 900, 379 - 394
hours: 7.00 - 24.00

Bar - Gallery "Vorontsov"  

There are the refined kitchen and perfect service, the original menu, and the large assortment of drinks. Supper at candles. Organization of birthdays, anniversaries, wedding are under the special banquet menu with the discounts. Has live music.

24 Deribasovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 225 - 042, 735 - 6090

Irish Pub "Mick O'Neill's"  

Irish pub is situated on the most famous street of Odessa.Have a look and you will not be disappointed. We can offer you cozy conditions, perfect service, rich assortment of dishes, delicious "Buffalo Chicken Wings", 7 different sorts of beer, Irish apple-pie, billiards, desktop tennis, banquet hall, live music. You can meet many foreign quests there. We are working non-stop and waiting for You to visit us!

13 Deribasovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel: (8-0482) 268 - 437, 721 - 5333 

Lobby - Bar "Cascade" ( Hotel "Odessa" )  

Located on a floor of a lobby. To services of visitors of a bar a wide choice of the soft drinks, the interesting and various menu with dishes of fast preparation, also a huge variety of desserts.

6 Primorskaya  Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel.: (8-048) 729 - 4808, 729 - 2808
hours: 10.00 - 23.00

Banquet - Hall "Lido" ( Hotel "Odessa" )  

It is located on 2-nd floor of hotel. Can be used for realization of banquets, private dinners, weddings and other actions. It is open in case of realization of actions.

6 Primorskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 729 - 4808

"Black Pearl" ( Hotel "Odessa" )  

Located on a floor of a lobby, offers the big various menu of national Ukrainian kitchen.

6 Primorskaya Street 
Odessa, Ukraine
tel.: (8-048) 729 - 4808
hours: 07.00 till last client.


The dishes of the basic directions of culinary art of China are offered: Peking, Shanghai, and other. Has original furnish of exotic dishes, irreproachable service, and highly skilled cooks. Separate halls. The system of the discounts works.

12 Gavannaya Street  
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 228 - 065

Sport - Cafe "Buffalo '99"  

The American and European kitchen. There are reservation of tables, and call of a taxi.

7 Rishelyevskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 348 - 399, (8-048) 728 - 3691


The hospitable personnel, cozy interiors, original menu.

20  Deribasovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel / fax: (8-0482) 348 - 782
hours: 09.00 - 24.00

Restaurant "Greenwich - Cafe"  

Is there a reason to be like others? Listen to yourself. Get pleasure from strange combinations. Choose the rest place yourself. Classics of French cuisine in combination with art - menu of the fashionable Moscow chief - cook - Alexander Astakhov. The real vines from Chateau. Has a separate banquet hall.

21 Bunina Street 
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 347 - 401
hours: 11.00 - 01.00

"South Palmira"  

The restaurant is located on a coast of the sea. Has a magnificent kitchen, original menu, and bar. Also there is live classical music.

Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 684 - 477

"Voyage" (Business Hotel "Continental")  

Restaurant "Voyage" is situated in business and cultural centre of Odessa. The restaurant cuisine is a combination of the best traditions of Italian cooking. Wine card includes the best samples of Europe and New World Wine Houses.

5 Deribasovskaya Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel: (8-048) 786 - 0393  
e -mail:

"Le Caprice" (Hotel "Palace Del Mar")  

"Le Caprice" means a superb interior, excellent sea-food cuisine, refined design, professional service and many other important details which will make your evening there really unforgettable.

1 Khrustalniy Lane 
Odessa, Ukraine 65062
tel: (8-0482) 301 - 940, 301 - 901
hours: 7.00 till last client

"Siesta Dali"  

Our cafe is located in down-town Odessa. You will be immersed in the world of Salvador Dali. The dishes we offer you include genuine Odessan cuisine as well as mediterranean items and European cuisine.

19 Rishelyevskaya Street  
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 722 - 0570
hours: open round the clock

"Don Quixote"  

For noble gentlemen and their ladies there are always laid tables in the best traditions of Spanish food. There are famous tapas, not imitating hamones "Serrano", "Iberica", Valencia paella and rich choice of Spanish wine. A piece of real Spain in the very centre of Odessa.

16 Bunina Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 321 - 032

"Casa Nova"  


4 Deribasovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 335 - 455


European and Ukrainian cuisine.

1 Ekaterininskaya Square
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 777 - 0339
hours: 8.00 - 00.00



3 / 7 Vice - Admirala Zhukova
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 728 - 9777

Restaurant - Cafe "Paparazzi"  


8/10 Ekaterininskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 348 - 070
hours: 11.00 - 00.00



6 Gavannaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 731 - 5272

Restaurant - Tavern "Assol"  

The restaurant built as an ancient frigate. Soft aroma and sound of burning logs in the fireplace... Romantic dinner with candles right near the sea... All sorts of beverages, wines from the ship basement and of course pirate rum. Our cuisine would satisfy any taste. Disco and charming strip-tease for those searching for active recreation and exotic sites. Banquets, presentations and femily holidays organization. "Assol" is following the traditions of Odessa hospitality.

Arkadia Beach
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 715 - 3845, 760 - 1230

Restaurant "Bagration"  

Invites you to the unique time of chivalry and balad spiced with truly russian cuisine.

1 Deribasovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 328 - 484

Japanese Restaurant "Seven Samurayev" (Hotel "Black Sea")  

Seven Samurayev is an ideal place to visit at any time of the day. Here you can enjoy superb Japanese food and a wide variety of delicious sushi and sashimi at incredibly democratic prices. This intimate cozy venue has a comfortable VIP zone while the centerpiece of the restaurant contains a round sushi bar with a special conveyer belt which continually rotates portions of sushi before the eye's of hungry patrons. True delicates of refined japanese cuisine made of fresh products.

59 Rishelievskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 300 - 938, 300 - 937

Restaurant - Cafe "Show - Case"  

Show - case is a stylish and fashionable universality. Stylish music, exquisitive dishes and also rich wine - card. The hall designed for 80 seats.

18 Segedskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 711 - 6901, 711 - 6902


Professionalism of the skilled architecs and designers combined with the art of the Italian chief will make you feel yourself in the middle of the sunny Italy. We receive ripe pine apples and fragrant melons, sweet strawberries and excellent wines, fresh lobsters and oysters from Europe every week. Cozy interior, pleasant music and friendly personnel contribute to the atmosphere of the holiday thet stays with you long after it's over. The restaurant features tables booking and banquet services.

23 Ekaterininskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 249 - 063, (8-048) 731 - 5734, 724 - 0125
hours: 11.00 - 01.00

Restaurant "Ukrainian Gourmand"  

The Ukrainian restaurant with the unique Ukrainian design is situated in the historical center of Odessa, on Deribasovskaya Street. The restaurant features pork ribs with wine and cherries, Odessa mackerel, seven kinds of dumplings, borsch with pampushki and garlic and other exquisite dishes of the Ukrainian cuisine. Professional Ukrainian singers would pleasantly surprise you and help you have a perfect rest in our restaurant.

17 Deribasovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 725 - 8412, 731 - 5427

Restaurant "Zlata Praha"  

Your visit to our restaurant will give you pleasure. We hope for your affection. We wish you good appetit. Brilliance of gothic and cordial tenderness of Europe! Enjoy the refined taste of majestic Czekhia! We will be glad to see you again!

10 Primorsky Boulevard
Odessa, Ukraine 65005
tel: (8-048) 731 - 4235

Restaurant "Kumanets"  

"Kumanetc" restaurant is situated in the very center of Odessa. This small and cozy restaurant became one of the favorite places of the rest both for Odessa dwellers and for the guests of the city. The charisma of the Ukrainian village is reflected in the interior atosphere of the restaurant. You have the unique chance to rest and have your meal in the place filled with local hand - made masterpieces of the past centuries. The restaurant features original Ukrainian cuisine. The menu is abundant with dishes prepared accorging to the recipes of the past centuries. A lot of names of the dishes belong to the past just as well. We are always waiting for you. We wish you all the best!

7 Gavannaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 376 - 946

"Top Sandwich"  


14 Deribasovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 777 - 531

"Zharyu - Paryu"  


45 Grecheskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 224 - 430


Japanese and Thai cuisine.

26 Deribasovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 356 - 600
hours: 12.00 - 00.00 


Japanese cuisine.

9 Lanzheronovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel / fax: (8-048) 726 - 9806
hours: 10.00 - 00.00

"La Terrazza"  

Italian cuisine.

11 Uyutnaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 330 - 698
hours: around the clock

Cafe - Club "Forsage"  

One of the most popular clubs of the city with holiday atmosphere and friendly unpretentious. Here is known by everybody, how to make the night in the lightest and nicest time of the day and night: bright shows, the best service and choice of the drinks and cocktails. "Forsage" is also famous by its style parties and holidays. We have VIP - service: chill - out, baths complex "Forma" and of course playing complex for your lovely children.

172 / 1 Chernomorskaya Road, 7,5 Chernomorskaya Road Station
( Fitness - Center "Forma" )
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 336 - 444

Restaurant - Bar "Haly - Galy"  

We are situated in a very center of the city. Our restaurant is a shelt for gourmet and people who value refined cocktails. We have creative cuisine, barmen - shows, modern interior and real drive music!

18 Chaykovskogo Lane
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel: (8-048) 722 - 1718

Restaurant "Captain Morgan"  

This is one of the most fashion places, famous by its barmen - shows, delicious cuisine and excellent parties. Here you will enjoy life-style music and fans of the "tech house" can enjoy this music in Captain Morgan's "underground". This restaurant is also famous by its cocktails. Every week on Fridays you can enjoy erotic-show party.

30 Zhukovskogo Street
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel: 728 - 8482

Restaurant "Pecheskago"  

"Pecheskago" - Is the best place where you can try real Odessa cuisine. We continue traditions of the XXth century and offer you to try them compare enjoying our fashion interior. You can also try Ukrainian and Kaucasian cuisines.

City Garden
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 726 - 0979

Murphy's Irish Pub "Kavanach"  

The best dishes of the North - European cuisine: steaks, good choice of the bear and other drinks. We have a very delicious desserts and pies. Our interior is real Irish classic style. Everything is created for our clients: VIP meetings, banquets, and romantic dinners.

Tamozhennaya Area
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 738 - 4545

Restaurant "Nevron"  

The atmosphere is like in Jerusalim yard, Israel's cuisine, tradition dishes of Europe and Odessa.

30 Rishelievskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel: (8-048) 715 - 0374

Turkish Bar - Restaurant "Turkuaz"  

Turkish cuisine - seafood dishes, fish dishes, real Turkish coffee and kaliyan. If you like to eat good food and have a rest at once come and visit us. Every evening - show program and music in "Disco" style.

12 Deribasovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 711 - 7564


Fast-food restaurant.

19 Sadovaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 377 - 165

"Mc Donald's"  


23 Deribasovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 219 - 896

"Potato House"  


66 Preobrazhenskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel:(8-0482) 227 - 138

Restaurant "Villa Otrada"  

Sea Coast's places were visited by aristocrats almost two centuries ago. This is why now we know such names like: "Lanzheron", "Otrada", and others. Our cuisine will remind even our exacting visitors about the best hospitable traditions of Odessa and gastronomic's art.

Otrada Beach
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 743 - 0661

French Cafe "De Zire"  

French cuisine.

3/4 Grecheskaya Area, Gallery "Afina"
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 738 - 4478

"Fish Time" ( Hotel "Morskoy")  


1 / 1 Khrustalny Lane
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 339 - 055

"Green Bar"  


22 Aleksandrovskiy Avenue
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 221 - 096



54 / 1 Frantsuzskiy Boulevard
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 259 - 386



City Garden
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 741 - 3331

"Morskoy Beer Bar" (Hotel "Morskoy")  


1 / 1 Khrustalny Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 339 - 077

"Robin Bobbin Cafe"  


2 Sobornaya Square
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 332 - 123

"Grand Europe"  


6 Primorskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 729 - 4095, 729 - 3240
hours: 10.00 - 18.30



1 Ekaterininskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 372 - 920

"Royal Pizza"  


6 Gavannaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 777 - 8888


Sport-cafe, lounge-bar and night club calling "Arena" are in the centre of the historical place in Odessa. "Arena" - is good style of life! Arena Beer House is a specious restaurant in Arena Entertainment Complex in which guests can watch their food being prepared from their tables. The restaurant serves Ukrainian and Bavarian cuisine which is complemented by the four beers produced by the venue's own brewery. A bakery preparing pasties and cakes is available for those with a sweet tooth while many will enjoy the homemade sausages. A terrace featuring a large TV screen and colourful fountain is open from May. Arena Sport Bar which on the 2nd floor, for those who like to relax should head over to the grand Arena Entertainment Complex. Here you will find game machines which allow you to play football, basketball and boxing, a unique golf simulators. There are also two VIP halls which feature large TV screens, excellent sound systems and facilities for karaoke. These halls also broadcast live sports events from 50 different channels. A special atmosphere is created by the wonderful museum dedicated to Ukrainian sport.

15 Ekaterininskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 346 - 666

Restaurant "Londonsky"  

Odessa has many wonderful places and one of them is the summer courtyard of the Londonsky Hotel, a relaxing haven from the hustle and bustle of the big city, where patrons can pamper themselves with first-rate cuisine accompanied by attentive service. What is more, from the start of the summer season, which begins on the 1st May, both regular customers and newcomers to this stylish spot will be able to try a new menu featuring truly first class European and Japanese cuisine.

11 Primorsky Boulevard Street
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel: (8-048) 738 - 0126, 738 - 0128
hours: 11.00 till last client

"Casa d'Italia"  


11 Uyutnaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 332 - 074

Restaurant "La Terrazza" (Hotel "Otrada")  


11 Uyutnaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 330 - 698
hours: 7.00 till last client



23 Ekaterininskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 724 - 0125, 731 - 5734



8/10 Ekaterininskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 726 - 9626


Japanese cuisine.

27 Rishelievskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 364 - 778



26 Preobrazhenskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 347 - 795

Restaurant "Fat Mozes"  


8 / 10 Ekaterininskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 726 - 7518
hours: 9.00 - 01.00



15 Sadovaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 777 - 0000
hours: 9.00 - 23.00

4 Ekaterininskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 711 - 7729



25 Grecheskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 728 - 7838
hours: 9.00 - 02.00

"The friends and beer"  


Deribasovskaya/Rishelievskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 760 - 1998

"Zara Pizzara"  


5 Rishelievskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 728 - 8888
hours: 9.00 - 24.00

Restaurant "Alie Parusa"  

European cuisine.

14 Ekaterininskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 253 - 438, 250 - 758
hours: 8.00 - 22.00

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