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Reserve apartments in Odessa Ukraine, apartment rentals hotels reservation! Call 011-380-48-777-1400 from States or 777-1400 within Odessa and we offer you the largest selection of apartments and flats rentals, reservations of hotels! We offer short and long time apartment rentals, choose an apartment and visit our home page with apartments and reserve one, we recommend you to rent apartments at the city centre of Odessa Ukraine, better than odessa hotels, all apartments completely furnished, repaired and renovated according to European traditions and standards. Apartments are modern, clean, spacious and fully furnished. Many of them are equipped with colour television, telephone, microwave oven, toaster, kitchen furniture, telephone, air conditioner, and refrigerator. Apartments are located at the city center near Potemkinskaya Stairs, at Deribasovskaya Street, Opera House, Ekaterininskaya Street, Pushkinskaya Street. These areas of Odessa are safe, clean and look great since they are a historic parts of city.

Rent an apartment in Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa apartments for rent. Rent apartments in Odessa Ukraine
Odessa apartments for rent. Rent apartments in Odessa Ukraine
Odessa apartments for rent. Rent apartments in Odessa Ukraine

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