Rent an apartment in Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa apartments for rent. Rent apartments in Odessa Ukraine
Odessa apartments for rent. Rent apartments in Odessa Ukraine
Odessa apartments for rent. Rent apartments in Odessa Ukraine

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Night Life

Nightlife in Odessa, Ukraine

Club "Itaka"  

Every week the disco has a Russian pop star concert, with light show and special effects. The restaurant is open from 11 am - 9 pm, has a variety of food, no credit cards are accepted, and there's an English menu. The unique atmosphere of ancient Greece is felt by the guests of the club since the first steps they take on the Itaka grounds, the arrangement of tables reminds an amphitheater. The columns, amphora, marble-work, ancient Greek statues ? the whole interior of the club reminds you every second that you are in the motherland of Odysseus whose name is so much in harmony with the name of our city. Tickets from $3.00 (depends on the performance, may reach $75.00)

Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 349 - 188
     (8-067)486 - 0880 (ordering tickets)
hours: 21.00 - 6.00am

Nightclub "Palladium"  

It works as a restaurant in the daytime (from 11.00). There is a disco at 21.00. Light pleasant music, jazz. The show-program starts at 23.00, then disco till morning. A wonderful 2 storey hall. Strip-shows held on the ground floor. Bars, concert programs with participation of famous performers.

4 Italian Boulevard 
Odessa, Ukraine
tel / fax: (8-048) 728-6566
hours: 21.00 - 6.00am

Club "Yo"  

The most popular place for night life. A lot of entertains such as pool, bowling, bars. There are often performances with famous singers.

15 Polski Lane
Odessa, Ukraine
tel. (8-0482) 37-15-15, (8-048) 714-4800  
      714-4801 (ordering tickets)
       37-14-14 (bowling)

Club "Ibiza"  

It is designed as a gigantic ant hill with white walls, blue slabs, pink doors, high lit tables, neon bars, friendly staff, cute guards, clean toilets, a small aquarium pool, hanging bridges, etc. The club resembles a maze full of flat-screen TV sets, lighting and sound plants. People are having fun everywhere- both upstairs and downstairs and you can see the endless sea in the round wall openings of the club. This miracle is located right on the Black Sea coast in the open air. The club is so beautiful that has a touch of pathos about it. Tickets from $3.00 (depends on the performance, may reach $75.00)

Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 777-0205 (04)
hours: 21.00 - 6.00am

Nightclub "Mirage"  

"Little Las - Vegas", casino, night club, concert programs, stylish design of interior.

36 Preobrazhenskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel: (8-0482) 220 - 310, 347 - 795
hours: around the clock

Club "Assol"  

Assol is designed to look like a large ship. It is open 24 hours. The restaurant takes MasterCard and Visa. The menu is fish and European, and it is in English. On Fridays and on Saturdays there is a show program ? men's and women's striptease. Good Seafood cuisine. Tickets from $3.00, depends on the program.

Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 746-6633, 715-3845, 760-1230
hours: 21.00 - 6.00am

Nightclub "Kokos"  

The ballet "Kokos" works every day, every Friday there are interesting events and theme parties, every Saturday there are erotic ballets invited from all over the CIS, on Sundays there are men's striptease shows. It's located on the very beach, at the water Generally for students, aged 15?19 years old. On Monday girls get in for free, men ? $1.00. Billiards and a banquet hall are available.

Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 760 - 1101

Club "Dive"  

Live music from 19.00 till 23.00 every day except Monday (jazz, Latin-American music, etc.). Billiards. VIP-hall. Works from 10.00 until the last visitor leaves.

6 Gavannaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel / fax: (8-048) 731 - 5272


You will be able to try the exquisite fish and home cuisine as well as delicacies and wines from all over the world in the cozy interior of the chief cabin. In the evening you will be entertained by fantastic fancy-dress erotic show. There is a separate home cinema in a VIP-hall, karaoke, great choice of DVD. The summer ground with a roof for 100 seats. 3 halls, a large aquarium with tropical fish.

"Otrada" Beach, Yacht Club
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel: (8-048) 711 - 6808 

Club "Evening Odessa"  

The cruise liner interior, lots of neon, mirrors, illuminators with the panorama of the port will create the feeling of the sea walk without going out into the sea. Tickets from $3.00, depends on the program.

59 Pushkinskaya Street
tel: (8-0482) 217 - 412, 321 - 421, 321 - 840
hours: around the clock


Night club, restaurant and casino.Entrance fee: depends -on the program.

17 Deribasovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 777 - 0203, 711 - 7724
hours: 10.00 - 2.00, night club: fr and sat: 22.00 - 6.00


if you would like to engage in a spot of local celebrity spotting then you should head over to the Night Club in Arena Entertainment Complex. The venue soon made a name for itself as an ideal location to hold parties, events, concerts and fashion shows thanks to it hosting a series of big parties and attracting the best in local and foreign DJs. Decorated in a vivid shade of red, Arena Night Club has a large stage, dancefloor and, if all that dancing leaves you out of breath, a luxurious chill-out room.

15 Ekaterininskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: 346 - 666

"Captain Morgan"  

Night club and disco.

30 Zhukovskogo Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 728 - 8482
hours: 10.00am - 8.00am

"Arcadia Plaza"  


1 Psmitnogo Street
Odessa, ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 307 - 100


Night club.

60 Rishelyevskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 349 - 880 

"Mojo Cocktail-Club"  


7 Gavannaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 330 - 036



Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 715 - 3830
hours: 21.00 - 6.00am



26 Lanzheronovskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 726 - 6484



24-A Genuezskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 760 - 1860
hours: 22.00 till last client


Fashion party club.

25 Grecheskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel: (8-0482) 343 - 736, 343 - 696, 345 - 662
hours: thues - sat: 22.00 - 7.00am



Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 374 - 237

"Stereo 23"  


24 Bunina Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 316 - 315

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