Rent an apartment in Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa apartments for rent. Rent apartments in Odessa Ukraine
Odessa apartments for rent. Rent apartments in Odessa Ukraine
Odessa apartments for rent. Rent apartments in Odessa Ukraine

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Walking tour in the historical center of Odessa

During the excursion you will take a walk in the historical center of Odessa. You will walk along the famous street that started the history of the city, enjoy the architecture and learn the history of buildings, see beautiful monuments, parks, churches and bridges. Among other touristic attractions you will see the famous Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre (without walking in), renovated City Gardens, beautiful Passage Gallery, the Preobrazhenckyi Cathedral - the biggest in Ukraine, building of N. Gogol, Shah's palace, Vorontsov's Palace and belonging Colonnade, Prymorskiy boulevard, famous statue to Duke DeRishelieu, unique Potyomkin Stairs and majestic City Hall. This excursion is the best way to learn about main historical places and tourist attractions, especially for the first time visitors.


Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre

Odessa Opera Theatre that according to it's decoration and perfect acoustics was recognized as one of the best theatres in the world. On the stage of this theatre plaid in public such performers as conductor Glazunov, singers Shalyapin, Titta Ruffo and Caruso, ballet dancers Anna Pavlova and Isadora Duncan. The interior of this impressive structure, which ranks in grandeur with Milan's La Scala and Moscow's Bolshoi, is richly decorated in Louis XVI style. Exquisite inside decor in the style of Viennese baroque blended with elements of the Italian Renaissance and French rococo, sculptural groups taken from Greek mythology, the stucco moldings and guilt friezes combined with the red velvet of the seats and boxes - all this tends to create a special atmosphere which you can feel and enjoy!


Odessa Catacombs

The city catacombs appeared as a result of the extraction of the limestone used for the construction of Odessa and they are everywhere under the city and its suburbs. A lot of myths and legends about this underground town have been rumored from the very beginning. About 100 years ago there were quarries there were miners took limestone or building houses of the old city and criminals went into hiding there from police. But mainly the catacombs are known for the partisan movement in Odessa during the WW2. On the place of one of such partisan detachments in the village Nerubaiskoye a unique underground Museum of Partisan Glory was organized.


Ancient Akkerman's Fortress of Belgorod-Dniestrovskiy

Belgorod-Dniestrovskyi (85 km from Odessa) is one of the oldest towns in Ukraine (2500 years old). Of exceptional interest is the fortress - a priceless medieval historical and architectural monument. It is located on the high bank of the Dniester estuary on the foundations of the antique town of Tyra (5th century B.C.). In 1433-1454 the fortifications were renovated by the Turks, the round towers were connected with high ramparts to form enclosed citadel with inner courtyards and the fortress got the name of Akkerman. After 1812 the fortress continued to be one of the strongholds of the south frontier defense system of the Russian Empire at least 20 years onwards. The archaeological excavations are still going on, the fortress opens every day something new to the scientists.


Sophia's Park in Uman

Ukrainian state dendrology park "Sofievka" of the National Academy of sciences of Ukraine is a masterpiece of world landscape gardening art of the end XVIII - the beginnings of XIX centuries. The park is stretched on the area of 154.7 hectares on suburb of the ancient city of Uman of the Ukrainian Cherkassy region. It is a sample of a landscape park composition of water, the ground, architectural constructions and sculptures. The park was founded in 1796 by rich Polish magnate Stanislav Pototsky in honor of his wife - beautiful Greek woman Sophia, and has been presented as a gift for her in May 1802. The idea of creation of park in romantic style with use of the Roman and Greek mythology belonged to Sofia. The park looks amazing at any time of the year: in spring it is flowering, in blossoms in summer heat, sparkling in the gold of autumn, and it rests in winter silence.


"Ukrainian Venice" - Vilkovo's nature reserve

In the southernmost part of Odessa region, on the Danube delta, there is a nature reserve called the Danube Biosphere. On the territory of the reserve is the small town Vilkovo. Vilkovo in Ukraine is a beautiful sight along with water, trees and snow-white small houses form an image of the city, which can be characterized as intimate-beautiful and magic. Commonly known as "Ukrainian Venice", many of the town's streets are natural canals and the most popular mean of transportation is by boat. With motors and without them, with men, women, and teenagers in the early morning they run up on the river and by the evening returning back home.


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